This blank page. So many months have gone by with no new words. There have been many new things. New countries traveled to, new jobs acquired, new dreams, new lessons learned. There is no way to go back and share all the feelings felt or things seen, but I feel the need, no the want, to write things here again.

I feel like a newbie, like there was never a time I was posting daily, having thoughts in terms of blog posts (now it's more like instagram posts....nothing to be proud of - at least for me, right now).

I was asked today if I would share some advice with a young lady preparing to get married. That was neat. I realized that someone views me as in a position to give advice...and felt scared, honored, and humbled by that.

I'm stepping into a new season, and I know it. I feel things shifting, doors opening, and nations of opportunity in the future. I don't know what is to come, I know it is good, hard, and won't be boring.

Thank you Jesus. Give me the vision to write again and the words to connect to meaning.


Black Hills

Black Hills.
Cave exploring, hiking peaks, campfires, and most important, people time. 
This summer was the summer of mountains, lakes, and hills. 
I decided if I can help it, every summer season would have these things.


journey through journals - 1

This muggy August evening I am reading through my first journal, started on June 25, 2000. I was 10 years old. I've been writing ever since and am fascinated by my former selves, documented on the pages of many many books over the years. Books that have traveled to camp with me, on family vacations with me, to coffee shops with me, to new homes with me, but mostly books that have been my bedside companions, capturing first experiences, memories, prayers, and things too embarrassing to tell anyone else. 

A few excerpts from my first journal, original spelling, ages 10-11:

"A quick note: my conseler has a tougue ring! But that do's not matter it's what's on the inside not the outside and she's really cool!"

"I am second two last in the shower (but thats okey because I would go last). I changed I relize I need Jesus has my lord and Savoir. The Song and the campfire made me relizie that. No matter what Other peile say I want to follwollow Christ my lord and help change other lives with Christ."

"I am Jealos of other people and I think mean thoughts about people. Thats why I need you as my Savior every day. Sometimes I just don't feel you in me. Please always fill my heart with your love always."

"god, Thank you for being my saviour. We won the HITs. That was fun. I got my Horse print back. It looks great! Thank you for letting me get a good price on the frame and stuff. I cantered with no sturps and my arms sticking out at the side! Thank you for the courage you gave me. Please forgive me when I sin! You always do. Love you."

"We went to the library. I was getting kind of bore. I read a chapter of Nancy Drew. The book is The Clue in the Jewel box. So far so good. Please let Kari tell me and everybody else what she did at Erikas house. Going to watch the show. Be back."

"God, Today my helmet came. It is to big so I think we might send it back."

"I think _____ thinks I am a little girl but I am only a year yonger! But she is nice and please give me a chance to witness to her more. I know she knows you but I want to talk to her about it more. thank you so much for Jesus. Why do we buy stuff if it is going to all pass away?I love you. Your child and best friend, Danae Karen."


3 years.

3 years of marriage celebrated this summer
a long weekend in a treehouse / central MN
love, reflection, writing, dreaming, praying
hot tub on the deck, grill, bonfire
coffee, river tubing, ice cream
sunrise, horses, sleep heads
lightening bugs, full moons, and fresh garden produce
it was ... a dream.

I love being married to Michael more and more every day. God is a good God, and has seen us through hard, beautiful, plain ugly, and mountains of joy. I can't imagine life without him. I pray Jesus would continue to knit us together in grace, forgiveness, and love as we continue life side by side as one. 



Adventure weekend in Duluth. No we don't spend all our time traveling, but every weekend has pretty much involved some sort of small adventure, this one no exception. We spent time with Michael's family and two of our friends - lots of exploring and time by the shore along Lake Superior. It's crazy that this place is a lake - if I didn't know it I'd think we were in the northwest. 

I'm really blessed this summer, to enjoy days, to live with those I love, to work somewhere making a difference for His kingdom, to admire His creations. It's easy to glorify travel and the beauty of nature (which are reflections of Him), but I'm remembering that our only purpose here is to share Him with those who haven't met Him yet, and to give Him praise. What a wonderful purpose, what a gift - to have purpose! Let's live that together, introducing others to Him with our lives (everything they are). 

Also learning :: all people reflect different parts of God's personality. I learn more about God and all the aspects of Him as I allow myself to learn and understand those different from me (beautiful, hard, messy, worthwhile). 


NW pt.2

Once again, this trip was a good-for-the-soul one. 
And I fell in love with the Pacific North West. 
And I love my sister. 
I am a blessed woman.