I've decided to try blogging. I'm not sure how diligent I will be in updating, but that is ok, since most of it is for my own enjoyment anyways.

Lately I have been pondering about how faithful the Lord is. I'm taking a class called Relationships, which is amazing, and we have been focusing on divine covenants, in marriage as well as God's covenant with us. I have said SO many times while teaching 5 day clubs that the Lord will "never leave you nor forsake you" yet how often do I really let that sink in, let it speak to who I am and the longing I have to belong?
Not very often.
Covenants involve unconditional promises, and throughout the Bible the Lord never once went back on His word, always faithful, always true, always loyal. No matter how He is treated He is steadfast; steadfast in His love, in His death, in His justice, in His compassion, in His children, in me.
He is perfect love.
He never fails.
He desires for us to demonstrate perfect love and loyalty in our covenants as He does. Yet how often do we fail? I daily let people down, let myself down, let Him down. Failure is a daily activity it seems.
He is always there. Handing me a new heart, a new day, a new chance.
He comes to the rescue with His loyalty everyday, He is there when all else fails.
When the people you count on fail. His word is always in effect, he never retracts.
What freedom!
Freedom to rest.
to cry.
to start new.
to love.
to fail.

Thank You.

In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.

Eph. 3:12

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