too often left unsaid.

As I was walking down the hall this morning my friend Heidi called out, "hey beautiful" as she gave me a big hug. I couldn't help but give her a grin as we chatted about our day. On my way back up to the dorms to take a nap (instead of go to class..oops) I thought about her greeting and how much it brightened my day.
Two words: hey beautiful.

Why is that? Why is it when someone refers to me as beautiful it has such an impact? I've noticed it in others as well, you can see a friend's eyes light up as words affirming their beauty hit their ears.
Beauty is so central to the world around us. God created mankind, and in my opinion, specifically Eve, to be the crown of beauty. Nothing else in the world can be quite as majestic or breathtaking as us. It's amazing to me to know that God finds me more beautiful than the most gorgeous sights in the world. More beautiful than the first snowfall, the rainbow, the mountain tops, and the whitest beaches.

Psalm 45:11 The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.

Beauty is carved into who we are. We marvel when we see something beautiful, we strive to be beautiful ourselves, and we look for ways to create beauty.

It's astounding how many different ways beauty is expressed, in a story we write, a game we play, a meal we cook, a scene we perform, a garden we plant, a picture we take, an experiment we try, or an outfit we wear. God is so creative.

We long for people to think of that adjective when they think of us. While compliments on the external are so wonderful and often needed, the words on our inner beauty are what really stick. The words that have been said to me regarding my character have resonated far deeper and longer than words of my appearance. For someone to really know me, even the ugliest parts, and choose to love and be loyal just the same, is the most beautiful thing in the world.

It speaks to the deepest parts of who I am when someone takes time to tell me they think I am beautiful. We long to hear it from others, and yet we are usually reserved in speaking such words.
Such words require vulnerability and courage.
Such words are far too often left unsaid.
How often does God lavishes out encouragement to us while commanding us to do the same to each other, yet I often keep my mouth shamefully shut.

I pray that the beauty I see in His world and His people would not be left unsaid.


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  2. Danae--I love this post! That verse from Psalms is one of my favorites. Amazing to think the creator of the world is ENTHRALLED by our beauty! Great thoughts :)



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