11 updates.

I'm sitting down without really knowing where this is going. I usually have something stewing when I sit down to blog, but today, nothing. So this will most likely be ramblings and tangents. I am currently sitting down by the lake on campus, after sleeping instead of going to chapel, then forgetting to set my alarm and therefore missing my 2nd class. Darn it.
There has been a whole lot going on these past weeks:

1. I realized, to my dismay, that I had registered for a quad 4 class and completely forgot about it. How does this happen, one may ask. My answer: I HAVE NO IDEA. I forget my keys in the car, I forget a worksheet, I forget to text you back, but I don't forget I am enrolled in a class, dang it! I was a little appalled with myself, and since the drop date already passed, worried I would get an incomplete. So I talked to my adviser and luckily you get 2 overrides in your 4 years, so I can get a W and be good to go. Sort of.

2. I have come to like mornings. Not that I didn't before, but these past weeks, I have started waking up extra early to read, exercise, go for a walk, and do my devotions (I rarely ever get all that done before class, usually a combo of 2). Maybe it was after a conversation with Michael about sunrises that I decided to give them a go. And what do ya know, they are as amazing as he said. This morning was just wonderful. I woke up and got ready, went down to the lake that is so superbly right on campus, did my devotions and prayed while the sun came up and started to brighten the earth. I got to have a delicious breakfast and study before a test that I'm pretty sure I got an A on, which is always a good feeling.
There is something so beautiful about starting the day with the Lord, He is the beginning and the end. So often the course of my day is determined by my mornings. When I take time to invite Him into my day, praise Him for who He is, soak in His word and meditate on it, ask Him to come and be present, the day will always be better. always.
So I encourage you, try being a morning person for a week. You might get hooked.

3. Everyday has amazed me at how fast things can change. God is sure a creative being, He has something up His sleeve, and it's going to be good. When I think of how long you've been in my life, it's hard to believe. You've made me a better person in the past weeks than some people have ever made me; you came in with a bang and have never stopped pointing me to the One who is First. I've been swept up and I'm not sure I want to ever be put down. Here's to our beginning...

4. I think I might add a Graphic Design minor to my Children and Family Ministry major. Yesterday I was with Jo at Dunn Bros. working on my final project (a scrapbook) and her playing around with text and graphic design majorish stuff. I was looking over her shoulder and she showed me some her her mad skills. We started talking and I got to thinking (as I have been for a year or so), wow, I really want to know how to do that. Granted, it will add at least a semester, most likely a year, to my schooling. AND if I am staying at NWC for the whole time, is not cheap, but who knows what will happen there, only He does. I would absolutely love to take some art classes and add a minor, not necessarily with the goal of getting a job, although it would open up more opportunites to have skills in that area, but just for my own enjoyment. And what is wrong with that? God gave me desires and passions for a reason, and I personally think He would love for me to pursue them more. Granted, He does desire His children to be financially secure and wise, therefore : I will pray.

5. I bought a new yellow purse and I love it a lot.
6. Antique stores and Thrift stores make my life more complete.
7. I spent some time with my mom this weekend, and noticed how she has started to become not just my mother, but my friend too. We went out to eat at an Italian place and the waiter asked if we wanted wine, she looked at me and asked if WE should get some. I said, "um mom....I'm not 21." She looked confused and said, "Well, but you're with me so he will probably let you, right?" Bless her heart.
8. I truly believe leather is better than pleather.
9. If it is coffee flavored, it is superior.
10. I have my ticket for Costa Rica! Jo, Mel, and I are planning a trip of a lifetime, 10 days this summer, just us three, in Costa Freaking Rica. I'm pumped.
11. The sun is beautiful, I love it. It astounds me how much it can alter my mood just by shining.


Eph 3:20-21
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throught all generations, forever and ever! Amen.

A verse I read this morning, isn't it amazing? He can do more than I could ever think of to even ask for and His power is at work in me!
He is worthy of everything I could ever give, all the praise I could ever utter. Amazing.


  1. Number one: when does the sun rise? I am so impressed by your eagerness to be up when it does. SO impressed.

    Number two: My eyes just teared up and the only reason for it that I can think of is that I miss you. I haven't seen you in forever and now I have to read your blog to find out what is up in your life. I don't like that much.


  2. thanks...you mean a lot to me too...:) I'll see you tomorrow.

    and Taryn, the sun rises at 6:50 tomorrow in case you are interested:)


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