If I devout my whole life to You,
It will never be enough.
If I give all my gifts to You,
It will never be enough.
If I spend hours uttering praises to You,
It will never be enough.

So what can I do?
What could I possibly do?
That is worthy of You?

I can spend eternity searching,
And never will I find such a thing.
You are too powerful,
too holy,
too lovely,
too glorious,
too strong,
too wise,
too perfect,
too beautiful,
To find a thing worthy.

There is none like You, O LORD.
So I sit here
Your face turned and Your love poured.
All at once, I am complete.
How could it be?

He is there.
Hung on a tree.
Taking my place on Calvary.
So all I can do is say,
Thank You Jesus.
You are worthy
Of my everything.
My everything.

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  1. Beautiful, Danae! I just started reading your blog today. Thank you for a heart that is sensitive to Him. You really are a beautiful princess and you look alot like your Dad, the King!


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