beauty. it's beautiful here. its like a constant feast for me eyes. i was having this inner battle in me of 1. i'm exhausted after flying through the night and sitting in airports and 2. it's gorgeous out that window! the latter won.

we got to eat a delicious breakfast made by the lovely mrs. fanberg and catch up on our summers. it seems like my soul feels a little lighter when i get to laugh with mel and jo. so we do that a lot. i think i'm gonna be flying by the end of the 10 days. i love it here. i decided once again, that i want to live overseas. no question. it seems i decide this every time i am overseas, and the decision never changes, i think it just becomes a stronger pull in my heart.

we went to the waterfall gardens today. holy wow. amazing trees. birds, frogs, snakes. waterfalls! we got to climb some. i'm tired to say the least. we took a walk and saw an amazing sunset settle down on the mountains and did a little exploring which involved scaling a mossy cliff. jo kinda kicked butt at that. the day was like a massive, joyful, tired, blur. it ended with us laying on mel's bed, laughing so hard we couldn't breathe over memories from last year. in the midst of the joy there is tinge of ever present sadness, that i will be missing out on amazing times like these this fall. don't get me wrong, i am so excited to possibly live with some awesome girls this fall, but i hate thinking about no more waking up to mel and jo every day. so i try not to think about it. then we had chocolate cake . Tomorrow: sleeping in, doing devotions down by the pool, out to eat, basilica!

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