I do believe that God loves beauty. That makes me extremely happy. As I sat on the side of a mountain, sitting on a stool, with a steaming, foamy, cappuccino pressed up against my head as an attempt to keep warm in the chilly breeze, I noticed a little bug scurry across the pane in front of me. I thought about how intricate He is. He is creative enough to make the mountains and valleys, the vast ocean, and the tiny bug in front of me. He likes pretty things. So do I.

I also realized I view the world in sets of blogs and photos. The majority of the time I seem to see things as how they could look in pictures. It also seems that a lot of the thoughts running through my head are blog ideas, beginnings, and threads. this is interesting to me.

  • the foam on top of a cappuccino.
  • the wooden ring on my finger.
  • the design on my journal.
  • the curl in joanna's hair.
  • the feel of an excellent ball point pen.
  • the purple in a cloud.
  • the sound of rain on a tin roof.
  • the fluffiness of a feather pillow.
  • I like these things.

Oh, I want my house to have the smells of coffee and sounds of Frank Sinatra.
When I declared that this morning, Mr. Fanberg told me I was a strange young women.

I said thank you.


  1. Time and again you amaze me.
    There is much I should have learned from you while you were at NWC. I'm sorry that I did not take more time to get to know you.
    I am amazed by your love, both for Jesus and for Michael. I am amazed by your creativity and talent. I am amazed that you are a real person. I am amazed at how kind you are. I am amazed by your depth of insight. I am amazed, simply amazed.


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