it's here.

Woohoo! it's here. the day we talked about for months and have looked forward to! i'm leaving in approximately one hour for the cities! Then it's on to the airport and San Jose, CR! I'm flying through the night and so it's gonna be tiring but I am absolutely ecstatic. It hasn't really hit me til right now, I get to spend an entire week and a half with two amazing girls, in an amazing culture! I'm so lucky.

I'm definitely gonna miss my family, I only saw them for about one day since they've been back from Rochester before I need to leave for two weeks. Also how can I forget Michael, it's gonna be weird not to talk to him everyday (I'll miss you like crazy).

I also realized I'm not going to see so many friends before they leave for school. Or if I do, it will be only once and pretty brief. Everyone is working and busy and then, gone. One of my friends Amanda is leaving for California the day after she gets back from CO, and so I will have one time to see her before she leaves, for a very long time. Other friends I feel I need to talk to and set things right before we all go our ways for the school year, and I feel like there isn't enough time. I want everyone to stay so that I can just talk to them and hang out whenever I want. I'm pretty selfish. I want enough time to hang out with everyone and stay friends forever and make lots of new awesome ones. It appears, it doesn't work that way. The summer is ending and so it feels, some of my friendships. It feels inevitable that some will slip away, and I don't know if I should fight it or let it go. I don't want to think about it. Don't make me.

Life is changing. And fast. And I like it. I get to have adventures and spend time with amazing people. All the time. God is so good, not matter what, all the time. Oh, and I also just found out that I got a grant that pays for over half of my schooling this year at MSUM. Praise God. I totally wasn't expecting anything but that is a huge blessing. God is so great, in highs and lows, which I've definitely had servings of both this past week. I just want to love him more. He deserves it.


He has made everything beautful in its time ... yet they cannot fathom what he has done from beginning to end.
Ecclesiates 3:11

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