dear Jesus : i love you.

Who O LORD is like you? Who can match your goodness?
You are more beautiful than anything I have ever seen, your grace surpasses all.
You are more faithful than the light of day. You are more loyal than the turning of the tide.
You have never let me down. You have always come through.
The days I don’t utter your name, the days I don’t read your word, you still give your love.
Why? Who am I to receive such grace? I am gossiping, jealous, bitter, and unforgiving.
Every day I hurt you, I turn my back, I give my time to someone else, and yet you are there. Giving me more grace, more chances to love you.
Would you help me love you more? Let my heart love you more? Let my mouth praise you more?
You are greater than all others O Lord.
You alone are worthy of my whole life, after all, you gave it to me. Who else deserves it but you? Who deserves my devotion but the one who saved me from certain death?
Without you I am alone, I am lost, I am done, I am dead.
Only in you can I know who I really am, who I am meant to be, why I am here.
Let me not be silent, let me not sit down, let me not be complacent in my search for you.
I want to know you and the power of your resurrection in the fellowship of your sufferings.
I want to know your thoughts like my own.
Let your thoughts be my thoughts, the cry of your heart be the cry of mine.
Let others look at me and not see me, but only see you.
That my life would be a magnifying glass of your power, your goodness, your hope and your joy.
Come and invade, knock down any doors i have shut in my heart.
I give you permission to wreak havoc, crush anything not pleasing to you.
More of you and less of me.
Give me more of you.
More of you King Jesus.

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