His name is power.
His name brings change.
His name makes you listen.

it brings action.
it never lets go.
it never stops loving.

His name is better than gold.
His name is strength.
His name is pure.

it comes with force.
it moves with certainty.
it holds the world.

His name cleanses.
His name renews.
His name demands respect.

it requires a decision.
it shows our inadequacy.
it reveals the beginning.

His name is the end.
His name moves mountains.
His name brings a remedy.

it is ever faithful.
it is the source of good.
it is never changing.

His name satisfies.
His name rules over all.
His name gives hope.

it is the name above every name.
it is the name that changes everything.
it is the name of salvation.

His name is Jesus.

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