There has been SO much going on I feel like a traitor to my blog. Updates:

1. I found a place to live. Not just any place. A darn cheap place. With 3 awesome awesome girls. I love them a lot and am excited to learn from them.

2. I almost had a job. But then I didn't. Because I have a nose ring. And I won't take it out.

3. I am currently on crutches. I fractured my knee cap at a concert at Lifelight this past weekend. I am waiting to hear back on the results of my MRI, if my meniscus of ACL was torn, I will need to have surgery, and the healing time is months. A lot of people tell me that they are praying it will heal quick, and thats awesome. I really don't want to be in a full-leg cast for months. At the same time, Jesus sometimes has things in mind for us we don't understand. If He chooses to have me go through surgery, and he has something I need to learn from it, then good. I want it. I think it's important to pray for healing, but even more important to pray for his will to be done. Jesus did not want to die, but he subjected himself to death according to the will of his father. I know that God wants his people to be happy, and he delights in pleasing them; but he is also a father that does the best for his children even when it doesn't seem like the best to them. I hope that he is glorified through it all. No matter what happens.

I get a lot of sad looks or just awkward stares around school, temporary pity, from people watching me hobble around like a gimp, feeling like the entertainment for the day. I wonder if I had a permanently injured leg what the reaction would be. Would people still give me sad looks and help open doors for the rest of the year or the rest of my life? Or would people become used to it, and stop helping and stop looking.

Let me tell you what, it is a hard thing to put jeans on these days.

4. I don't like school. I like the talking to people in between class. I like the discussions on Calvinism we had today in Sociology. I like skipping with Michael to read. I like taking naps on the grass during my free hour. I don't like school. But I'm here.
Cause that is what you are supposed to do.

5. I don't know where I'm getting married, what the colors are, or who the wedding party is. These facts somewhat stress me out.

6. I really really want to own a coffee/antique/clothing/art store. Michael and I have talked about it and we would just love to do it. Putting humility aside, I think we would make it the coolest place ever. Dreams....

So what can I do to get closer? I know there is more my heart can bear.

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