You are the greatest thing God has blessed me with. You love me better than most anyone in the world. You are constantly putting me above yourself, putting up with me even when I'm moody. You smile and hold me no matter if I'm a lot of fun or the crabbiest person ever. Your love reminds me of our One Love's. It reminds me of His faithfulness. You are loyal and I know you will be by my side forever. Remember that time we climbed down to the river at Fort Snelling and you carved my name in the rock and we went swimming? I was falling in love with you. Last night I ran out to the car to find my door already open and you smiling at me, thank you. Thank you for giving me the best birthday ever. Someone told me that you really know how to love me, and you really do. You reach parts of me that others don't reach, you lovingly challenge me to be more, and i don't think you even know it. I want to be the wife you deserve, and i'm scared of failing, cause you deserve the best. You are the only one for me, you are the only one i want to be with. Remember : driving around that first week in the cities with the windows down,the first date hug situation, finding the old train and laying down in the tall grass, climbing into that tree for the first time, the day of exploring downtown fargo in that beautiful sunshine, walking away from koplins and wanting to hold your hand so badly, hearing you tell me on our 3 month that you wanted to marry me someday, sitting in that nook of the CMU and hearing you say that you wanted to date me......
You came in like a beautiful storm and stole my heart away, i don't ever want it back.
sometimes i feel like i should hold my tongue around my single friends, i don't want them to feel bad that they don't have someone. but not now, i'm not holding it here. they can stop reading if they want. cause i love you and you are the joy of my life and the second you enter the room i feel complete. i hate having to wait to tell you things, because it feels like part of my own mind is uninformed, something is terribly off until you know. I love the way your nose gets scrunched up when you laugh really hard, and i love the fact that you air drum all the time and i hope you teach our kids your drumming skills. i loved dancing like maniacs in the starbucks parking lot to the radio. i can't believe the dashing man sitting in the front of english class would become the man to capture my heart. I love seeing paint on your fingers. Two weeks ago you walked up to me in the computer lab and I was struck all over again with how handsome you are, thankful that those dimples I love so much and see other girls looking at are all for me, for me alone, forever. thank you for loving others and loving our Lord with all your heart, thank you for letting me be apart of your life. you've changed me, made me a better person, helped me understand our Jesus more, encouraged me to love others like He loves, and have made me step more into the person He created me to be.
I can't wait to be your wife.
I can't wait to see what He has in store for us.
I can't wait.

i love you.

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