who is he that will devote himself to me? who will draw near?
whose heart can i fully have? yours? will you let me bring you closer?
my nail scarred hands long to gather you up. will you devote yourself to me?
my arms are strong to hold you. they held up the cross. they want to hold you so bad.
will you learn to trust me like you say you do? will you devote yourself to being in my house?
will you seek me all the days of your life? i died to carry you, will you let me?
i will bring you to Father, we will make you more beautiful than you ever dreamed you could be. i will love you with my everlasting love.
will you believe me with your life and not only your words? it is worth it.
let me show you how much it is worth! i have so much to show you....
will you devote yourself to me? will you give yourself to me as i gave myself to the cross?
i long to sweep you away from this earthly place of pain, i can fulfill all the desires in your heart. you try to hide them from me but i am not blind.
i see you. all of you. and i love every inch for i made it all.
you have no idea how complete i can make you.
you think you know but no one can fathom my abilities.
no man can put my greatness into words on a page. would you let me fulfill your heart?
i died so i could be with you. i want your love and faithfulness.
will you accept mine? it will be everlasting, it will be perfect, unlike any love you have felt before. i am here and i want nothing more than for you to accept my death and love.
will you devote yourself to the purposes of my heart?
will you give yourself to me?


  1. Prophetic if I do say so myself.

  2. ahhh, i see you've been practicing listening prayer. we had a class on this last week, it was sweet. Basically choosing to believe God can speak to you- then writing down what he says. It's kinda new for me, but very exciting.


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