my gifts to you.

"Can I have some?"
Isaac's blue eyes twinkling from behind the counter, he grabs for the gingersnap cookie, his perfect 3 year old mouth says in earnest as he nods his head furiously, "we can share!"

The sun resting it's head upon my shoulders; I decide to sit outside in between classes.
In November.

The sound of the sewing machine purring in my ears as the fabric caresses under my fingertips, longing for the transformation my mind gives it.

Concluding that I really do have favorite colors, I am not one of those people. I can make up my mind.

"Mother Teresa was a BAMF"

Your hand in mine, your whisper in my ear, your knowing glance, I am yours.

Sitting in the kitchen of my home, looking at the faces passing before me, and I am awestruck.

Free refills at Starbucks.

"Why did you give this all to me?"
"So you could know what I gave up for you, I gave up the mountain of blessings you have and so much more. Could you do that?"

Dancing alone in the kitchen, away from any eyes but the ones staring into mine. My heart grabbed the sky and the clouds skipped below my feet.

The anticipation of talking to the two girls i miss so much. i miss their antics. i miss their smiles. but most of all i miss laughing with them.

Watercolor and Ink.

My father is a wise person. He is a gift to anyone who has the privileged of knowing him.
My mother is more of a servant than most people I know. She does my laundry. Not many people would do that for me.

"Class, this lady's paper was excellent. It was angry..... and I loved it."

I Will Not Take My Love Away by Matt Wertz. listen to it. now.

Crisp ballpoint pens on cream paper and finally ordering a bridesmaid dress!

Thank you Jesus for your many gifts to me.
I'm sorry for the times I fail to recognize them.
Would you help me to see the abundance of blessings you have poured over me?

I want to love you more. I want to see you more.

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  1. I Will Not Take My Love Away was the song my first real boyfriend picked to dance to and while dancing he asked me to be his girlfriend. He was the first guy that I have fallen in and out of love with. I can't listen to it without crying now :( But it's absolutely gorgeous.
    You're great.


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