still patterned.

I really like kids. Sometimes they say deep things and don't even realize it at all.
I brought paper and colored pencils for my Good News Club kids to make cards for people they are thankful for. The kids were pretty excited and we had fun.
One of the boys, David, was making a card for his dad, he wrote "Thank you dad for working so hard so we can have food to eat and a special treat."He made one for his mom too, and drew a heart with a pattern on it. He proceeded to draw a heart on his dad's card too. He proclaimed to me, "Dad's heart is different, but it's still patterned."

Now I know he was only talking about the hearts on the construction paper, but I immediately thought of how true that is of real hearts. Over the last 8 months I sure have had some lessons on how hearts can be quite different. My heart definitely isn't the same as Micheal's, and sometimes that can cause tensions. Sometimes we have disagreements, and it is not fun.

Our hearts are different. But we still have hearts. And both are filled with our First Love. That is what matters. It doesn't matter if I don't agree with everything he thinks about that or he can't understand my view on this. Jesus is our one desire. We want him to be glorified in our life together, and that trumps all else.
Our hearts are different, but they are still printed with the pattern Jesus has drawn on us.
That overcomes all.

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