the international house of prayer is a lovely place that honors Jesus. check it out at ihop.org.

It was at IHOP, in Kanses City where God chose to answer so many of my prayers. one of them being my longing for more of his heart. i honestly think he gave me more of his heart. i have prayed for more of his heart everyday for quite some time. and i will continue to for hopefully my whole life. i want more of his heart in me.

my heart is an evil and fickle thing
his heart is pure and perfect
his heart is full of love
mine is full of selfishness.
give me your heart Jesus?

while at the onething conference in Kansas City, i felt like Jesus did some surgery on me. I weeped a lot, stared off into space, and twitched all the time. It is strange when you know that something is going on inside of you, yet your mind can't figure it out. i felt like God was doing some rearranging in my spirit, it was an odd feeling. like michael put it, i was like the grinch, my heart growing three sizes.

IHOP is about constant prayer combined with constant acts of justice. They have something called the justice initiative, with many ministries focused on bringing justice to the oppressed, such as sex slaves, aborted children, and orphans. When I heard the director of the Zoe Foundation speak, i couldn't stop crying, the tears just kept on rolling down my face. The Zoe Foundation is an organization which promotes adoption as a positive alternative to abortion. I have always felt a certain compassion and calling to orphans and children, but man, it hit me hard. I was filled with so much compassion for these children, lost and alone, I wept hard as I prayed for these little ones who are being tortured and left for dead. I felt like Jesus was taking a piece of his very heart for orphans and placing it into my chest. I got a picture of hundreds of children looking up at me, reaching out their dirty hands to me, begging me to help them. Who will help them? Who give them hope and show them who Jesus is? I want to. I have one life to live and if i don't do something with it, well then what in the world am i here for. Only one lifetime, and I can make a difference because Jesus lives in me, his spirit is in me. He longs for the lost to be found and his little children be brought back home. That's what i want to do. Go get his children and bring them home.

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  1. Thank you, Danae , for sharing your heart! It is beautiful!


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