Even Jesus had best friends and he brought them up to a mountain one day. What a day that must have been for Peter, James, and John. They followed Jesus up a high mountain. He led them and they followed.

Then, Jesus was transfigured. He became like the sun and he was white like light. He must have been beautiful.

Moses and Elijah appeared beside him. What a sight to see. Jesus and two mighty fathers of the faith talking together in front of these three men.

Peter, perhaps overcome with feeling of his great inadequacy in their presence, asked to build shelters for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah. Before he even had a chance to finish uttering his simple plea, God interrupted.

God broke in. And everything else stopped.
He is God.

He came in the form of a bright cloud, completely enveloping them in his light. What would it be like to be enveloped in a cloud of light known as God? Breathtaking? Awesome? Terrifying? It seems the English language lacks. For who can describe God's presence in a word?

"This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!" said God.
When God gives a command, you listen. Peter, James, and John were instantly filled with terror, falling to their fragile faces. Their Creator spoke, and they could do nothing but fall. Yet,
they didn't stay there. They did not stay on the ground, their faces pressed with fear into the earth.

But Jesus came and touched them.

He came to them. Shedding light on what was to come on the cross. He stood in the gap of their sin and shamefulness. He took their fear of God's might and touched them with his human hand, the essence of God wrapped in skin. He knelt to their level and picked them up out of their present state.

"Get up, don't be afraid." Jesus said. He touched them and asked them to stand. Stand with him. Next to him.

When they looked up, they saw no one except Jesus.

Moses and Elijah were gone, they did not notice each other, they did not even mention the cloud of God's presence. They saw their savior, clothed in skin and light. He was there for them. Hallelujah.

[ Matthew 17:1-7]


Jesus, can i see only you? can i have your heart?
I want to see your face, your heart, and your hands alone.
I want no one except you.
you stood in my gap filled with sin and you came as i came.
you came and touched me in your light and skin.
i want your heart.

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