you are my beautiful girl.
you are so full of love and energy and light.
you don't stop shining.
you don't stop loving me.
you are after my very heart and i love it.
you gaze at me and call me your everything.
you lay down your life for the purposes of my heart.

i do not see the sins you cry over.
i do not see stains upon your heart.
for your bridegroom, your kinsman redeemer,
the lover of your soul, my son,
he has washed them off with his blood.
they can never cling to you.
stop trying to scrape off what is not there.

thank you for being brave.
thank you for choosing me.
keep choosing me first for i am your first love.
i want to stay there. keep me there.
let me love you perfectly.
i can fill you with joy unspeakable and wisdom unsearchable.

keep me on the throne of your heart.
for i am much more powerful when you allow me to be upon the rightful throne of your soul. thank you for wanting to commune with me.
that is all that i want from you.
i long to see your face and hear your voice.
for you are lovely and spotless my daughter.
can i have your heart?

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