11:47 pm thoughts.

I have 19 followers, and I am slightly proud of that. People read what I write. Thats....cool.

I just picked up my mother's wonderfully old copy of Louisa (love that name) May Alcott's book Little Women. It's one of my favorite movies of all time so I decided I need to read the book.
I'm really excited.

I am registering for bridal showers on Saturday. I can't believe I am going to be a wife.... the lady with baking sheets, loaf pans, soup ladles, aprons, fancy dishes, and pot sets.
Seriously? That's me?
Weird and awesome. I get to have my own apartment with my best friend. We will fill it with thrift store finds and antique furniture. I get to decorate an entire living space just for us. I have dreamed of this since I was 11.

I wouldn't mind doing a PRACS study. I should get on that, as well as call my cake lady, and finish designing invitations, and paint my nails purple, and start all my sociology readings.... oh dear.

I am so excited for my future brother Ian to come home! Looks like my parents (and Britta, Sophie, and Isaac) will be leaving for Ecuador in July after Kari's grad and my wedding festivities are over. I will have another brother. It will be beautiful and difficult and full of love and patience (thank you Jesus).

Goodnight. I'm tired.

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