i still find myself staring at my ring.
i still can't stop watching it sparkle on an especially sunny day.
it's been seven months and i still don't believe i am getting married.
married is such a big deal. i will no longer be a 'miss' but a 'missus.'
i won't write 'iverson' into the blocks of the scantron again after this semester.
my fiance will wear a wedding band.
i will never again live with a girl roommates.
i won't wake up in a twin bed.
i'll wake up next to my best friend. every morning.
my decisions will never only affect just me.
my money will never be just 'mine' any more.
i won't have to say goodbye at the end of the day anymore.
i will be able introduce him as 'my husband...'
i will be DKM.
when i go to the cities, i will be staying with my 'in-laws.'
i will get to check the 'married' box instead of 'single.'
i will scoot over in bed and kiss him good morning.

i can't wait for that day in june.

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