my wedding.

we were married in my bedroom.
i was eleven years old and you had been forever alive.
forever you had waited for me and forever i became yours that day when I fell to the floor.
you chose people to lead me down the aisle to you, you placed me on the arm's of my parents and put words in their mouths.
words that fixed my eyes on yours.
and my heart started to skip as we got closer to you.
your presence and understanding filled my heart with joy, and I slowly began to see
all you had done for my soul
all you had to offer me.
your loving eyes kept my feet walking.
you had placed a beautiful white dress of purity on me, and I was lovely to you.
you couldn't wait to hear me say the words 'I do.'
you couldn't wait to have my heart and love completely.
that day I finally reached the alter, and you touched my hands,
that day I knew.
My heart and fingertips felt your blood stained hands.
I started to cry. I finally understood how much you loved me
and I wanted you to have all of me.
I wanted to be your bride, and I was.
I was standing at the alter, sitting on my bedroom floor, and it was our marriage day.
the day your heart rejoiced.
you whispered to me and told me things i had not understood
you told me of your vow of love
and the sacrifice you had made so we could be together
you asked me to trust you with all that i am
i looked at you and said 'i do'
and you became my forever bridegroom.

you have been the love of my life, the faithful one.
your loyalty has never ceased, even when mine has.
you have extended forgiveness when i have broken promise after promise.
you have stayed true to your vows, despite my infidelity.
you have never called me anything but yours.
you have placed me on the mountain of your inheritance
and showered me with your love.
every day you call me beautiful, you never forget to tell me.
you always have me on your mind, you never have been selfish.
thank you Jesus, my friend, my lover, my savior, and Lord.
i want to know you more. i want to understand your ways.
so that i can love the way you love me.
i have seen your love, and i have never seen anything like it.
i want to love like you do.
i can't wait to live with you in the place where
sin will stop tugging at me.
i can't wait to know you fully.
come back for me Jesus.
thank you for giving me a union with you that will never fade,
the marriage that cannot be divorced.
i love you and miss you.


  1. This is so beautiful. I feel like sometimes I forget His love and commitment. Thank you for reminding me.


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