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hello world.
you are very dark outside tonight. yet my lightbulb still glows.
my brain flip flops between visions of sleep, wedding, and the textbook in front of me...
my little women sit waiting for me with pages unopened.
my muscles ache of soreness, the good kind.
the sound of keys being pressed down over and over and over and over and over again.
i like bathtubs with claw feet on them.
these stack of notecards have a lot of little lines on them, lines to be filled with my handwriting. the handwriting i created in high school. it's like my mom's.
i have been talking, thinking, and feeling racism. heterosexism. feminism. so many isms rolling around in the brain and word documents files.
i would like to go to a concert soon. yes, i think i would like that.
i need a shower something fierce.
a garden of flowers brings a heart-smile.
a heart-smile. what a lovely word. i think i will use it more often. i should use a lot of things more often, like my praying mouth. and my reading bible eyes.
He is good. i feel like there is no way else to end this awkward post then that.
goodnight world.

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