so i should be in bed. story of my life.
today was... great.
i slept in. woke up and prayed. Jesus loves me and is being so wonderful to me.
He is faithful and carries me through so much despite all my selfishness.
i worked out! for the first time in a long time. it felt really nice. like a lot.
we browsed the internet for some suspenders the groomsmen will be wearing and necklaces for the bridesmaids.
went to thrift stores with michael and found some new art, mugs, and cups for our apartment-to-be.
have an appointment to view an apartment tomorrow after church!
did some homework, talking, laughing, and dreaming at Nichole's Pastries. a wonderful establishment.
came back to my apartment and watched Sense and Sensibility while finishing my scarf. i absolutely adored the movie.
i wish i could have lived with those women. running through fields with dresses and bonnets on. riding in carriages to dances. playing the piano by the window.
knitting by the fireplace. gardening on sunny afternoons.
michael leaned on me, resting his head on my shoulder and uttered a prayer to our Lover.


thank you Jesus for my family, thank you for how wonderful they are. thank you for your strength. thank you for never backing down or getting scared away. thank you for being mighty over all my fears. thank you for blessing me beyond anything i could have ever even wished for. thank you for giving me Michael, everything in a man I had even dared whisper for and the world over. thank you for creating me beautiful. thank you for giving me little toes, i like that. thank you for your creativity, you are the most captivating artist of all. let me be captivated by your heart alone. i want you alone Jesus, without you i am utterly lost. a wave tossed by the sea. a vanishing mist. without you i am at a loss. i need you to come and invade my heart. i know my heart is a dry and aching place without your comfort and restoration. so come again today. i am yours.

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