i want to make things. i want to knit. and sew. and write. and draw. and crochet. and paint. and scrapbook. and sew some more. i don't really want to read my textbook. or run errands. or have to put away all my stuff when i'm done making something. i want to leave it all out. i want a room for me. a room to go into and feel my heart beat a little faster. a room all for my own. a place just for me to sit and think. and sit and not think at all. a place to talk and sing to Jesus out loud. and make whatever i want to make. and listen to whatever music i want to listen to. maybe someday when i am old and have a house i might have a room like that. or just half a room. or even like a corner. that would be OK. i just want the world to leave me alone with all this responsibility-work stuff and let me have my fun. the end.


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