there is so much brokenness in this world.

tonight at work i found out some info about a co workers home life i had no idea about. she lives with her brother and his wife, her pregnant daughter and another guy. they all smoke, do drugs, and drink. only one of them works and she came in drunk on Saturday. they don't have any running water anymore. her pregnant daughter smokes too....

i saw a movie in class today. it showed images of children being beaten for speaking indian instead of english. a little boy was pulled by his hair and flung into the dirt. none of them got enough food.

i read an article about haiti. and the number of people that have died, how many are still homeless and orphaned. i saw a picture of about ten babies, laying on bare mattresses, all alone. no one to hold them and take care of them.

when will it end? when will all the tears and pain cease? will the injustice be silenced? the oppressed set free?

Jesus come back. this broken world needs you. we ache for you.

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