yesterday i did something i hadn't done a lot of before. i hung out with an old person. and it was fun, like really fun. i needed to finnish up my human service hours necessary for applying to the Social Work program at MSUM (which by the way, i am handing in today! yay!). So i went to work with my mom for about 5 hours. we sat down with Jeanne and talked, everywhere from the importance of staying home with your children to the gay/lesbian issue. she is this awesome steadfast christian lady and it made me miss my Grandma Bev.

we went to the grocery store to pick up some peanuts and chocolate for her, and while we were there, she insisted that my mom and i pick out some flowers. so i have a big beautiful bouquet of flowers of my table now. she also managed to buy my chocolate and popcorn before we left the store. she blessed me so much through her sweet and giving spirit. we also got to go to a sing a long with some of the other people living in Waterford (an extremely upper end assisted living complex, the Scheels, yes the people who OWN Scheels live there). i knew about 2 of the 15 old love songs we sang from the early 1900's, but it was so much fun. one of the songs we sung was titled Always. after it was over the piano player walked over and commented on how young people could use to hear this song some more.... they usually just thing that "well, when it ends, it ends." she exclaimed that it should be "always." i know that as a young person i see so many of us shrugging our shoulders when old people start a sentence with "young people...." and yet, don't they deserve our respect? don't you think they know a thing or two about this world? they have been in it a heck of a lot longer than any of us.

being around so many elderly people made me think about, well... getting old. its gonna happen to all of us. i know everyone knows that but how many think about it very much? i wonder if my feet will get all veiny, or if my skin will sag a lot, or if i will lose my hearing, maybe my memory? will i die before Michael? i hope so. so many of the doors i walked past had only one name on them. one name. and i'm sure most of them were married. now they are alone. like Jeanne, sure she has awesome children who come and spend time with her. but her lover is gone, and now she has to sleep and walk alone. i don't want to do that. that scares me more than getting old, having to get old alone. death comes for us all. are you ready for it?

it's going to happen to you too, you'll get old. yet, you will still like the same things and the same people. you will be the same person and have the same heart, so do they. they don't want to be thought of as crazy just because they don't remember that they already told you that story. they have a lot to say. so listen up, you just might learn something.

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