i cried in a classrom.

last monday i cried in a classroom. i was at Ellen Hopkins elementary school teaching my Good News Club. just the same ole same ole thing I have been doing every monday for the whole school year. but i learned a lesson of the heart that day. 

i have been able to get to know the kids throughout the year and i knew that a brother and sister who attended were having some problems at home. they would say things so simplistically and matter of factly. things like "my mom doesn't have any money" or "my dad has to ask people for help." they would just look at me and say the word divorce with blank eyes. they often would ask to pray for their dog more then their parents. it made my heart ache to think of the pain in their little lives. 
one of the kids at club that day upon hearing of their friend's home troubles piped up and said with such innocence, "hey i have like a lot of beds at my house so if you have to move you could all come and just stay there." another added, "yeah and i could move to the office and you could have my bedroom." yet another added their own little gift, "yeah even my mom has a recliner chair." i just stared as i watched every child give an offering of love to these two little ones sitting in a family being torn apart. tears sprang to my eyes to see such an example of Jesus' love come so immediately and freely.

I thought of the adult world and asked, why aren't you like this?! why aren't you always giving and caring? why aren't you willing to give up your money, homes, status, and resources to help each other? these children unknowingly gave me a lesson of sacrifice and deep love. one i need to be reminded of daily. Jesus never asked for anything for himself, he just looked for more ways to give. he gave himself freely and deeply. he gave to death. i want to do that. i want to give more of myself. to be known as a giver, one who truly cares for people's hearts and souls.

children can teach us oh so much. i think last monday helped me see a little more of why Jesus commands us to be like little children. they have such innocent and beautiful hearts. i want that.

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  1. that is the sweetest thing i have read in a long time. what an incredible lesson of power.. yet it's so simple! i love children who love Jesus.


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