i'm wishing i could be somewhere like this tonight:

i did homework for a long time today.
not as long as i probably should have.
friends can be confusing sometimes.
i complain a lot, not cool danae.
i saw a girl with really cool glasses today.
i wondered if the middle aged lady behind the counter really liked her job... or if it was just a job.
i got tingles of joy down my spine while looking at an 'artist's studios' book.
i have this love/hate relationship with spring in minnesota.
love because of sunshine and warmness. hate because my wonderful purple boots get completely soaked through in the lakes of slush that are now taking over roads and parking lots.
the love wins.
pilates is hard, let me tell you.
birds chirping and geese honking are some of my favorite sounds.
i hate homework. i love my classes. i am getting smarter, and it's kind of fun.

i wish i could wake up somewhere like here in the morning:

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