Jesus really does answer prayers. I have begun to actually see this. I have heard it all my life. I have heard people say probably thousands of time about needing prayer for this or that. Missionaries say that prayer is the most important way to support them. I have always known that and believed it. Now I have started to see it. I have seen my prayers for my sister get answered. I have seen my prayers for my friends get answered. I have started to see God actually do what I have been asking Him to, and I haven't done anything. It's not like praying for more work hours, then going talk to my boss about it, and consequently getting what I desire. I am not saying God's favor is not in situations like that, I know it is all the time, and I praise Him for it. But it is different when you only pray. There is no doubt in your mind that it was only Jesus' wonderful work that brought such things. You did absolutely nothing but sit before His feet and give it all over to Him.

It has placed new love for my Lover in my heart, and a new found understanding of what prayer can really do. He does hear us. He does listen to the cries of our hearts. He wants to hear my voice and see my eyes gazing on him. He wants to give me the desires of my heart. There are so many desires that are embedded in my heart. One of the greatest is to see my loved ones following Jesus with everything in them. I pray for them and lift them up, asking that Jesus would do what he needs to do in order to be first in their lives, dwelling in the very center of their hearts. If God gives us permission to approach His throne with freedom and confidence, promising to listen to us, we should be jumping at the chance to talk with him! I am the first to admit there are many times I forget or get caught up in other things, and I don't give Him the time He deserves. Let's pray. Pray for our sisters and brothers and their future spouses. Pray for our parent's marriages. Pray for the people in our classes and the professors that teach us. Pray for our future spouses, that they would be living holy and pure lives, seeking Him above all other things. Pray for our co-workers. Our pastors and leaders. He listens! I am in awe at that. He has heard my prayers for real friends, and in the past 3 days have already started to see the answer to that prayer. He is good and His love endures forever.

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  1. Amen! The more we pray, the more we give Him the chance to show that He is present and active through answering.


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