tomorrow, i am going to do something i have never done before.
i don't know what, but i will find something.
some sort of small adventure to let me know that
the world is still new and worth searching out.

i don't know what i want to do, but i want to do something.
i want to do something really big and daring.
like write a book, or open my own store, or start my own business.
something that takes a lot of work
and passion.
these things scare me.
but i feel like then i could have something to claim.
something tangible to point to and say
"that's mine."
maybe i could just have my own house someday.
that is a pretty big thing.

i want to make things all the time. but i feel
like i don't have enough ideas.
or i have a lot of ideas and not enough resources.
maybe it's all just excuses for not being 100%
of what i hope to be.

i am loving being a social work major.
it is awesome and it is me.
i almost want to add a sociology minor,
sociology class is kind of like
my own little chance
to fix the world for 5o minutes
every monday, wednesday, friday.

i am absolutely sure i want to be married.
i find myself wanting people to notice
my ring.
i think i want them to
be surprised that i am going against some sort of norm.

michael is a clean person and
i am not.
we still love each other.


  1. I love how you write. Maybe you should write a book. If you open a store, I would like to work there. Or at least shop there. One step at a time :)
    But.. I think you should wait to do something you've never done before until your wedding night! Hahaha jk jk. I'm sorry I even typed that.

  2. bahahaha angela. i'm glad we're roommates.

  3. :) its not that you are not clean lovely, its just that you are not as clean as i am... :) i want to start a business too... i forgot to mention that yesterday for our life goal planning session. love you


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