all we want is You (or is it?)

This month has been a whirlwind. A wonderful one, but one nonetheless. I have had 2 weekends in a row that have been filled with a total of three bridal showers. they have been wonderful and i have been incredibly blessed by people's generosity and love towards Michael and I. This past weekend we were in Eagan (Michael's home) for one of the showers (it was gorgeous), and we went to church on Sunday with his family like usual. There was a guest pastor that week, his name was Dan Adler, founder of Heart of the City Ministries. He came and basically had a huge wake up call for the body of Christ. He spoke on what it means to worship, and challenged the church.

He read scripture that spoke of worship and praise. Many pslams describe behavior that seems, well, kind of crazy. We are to sing, clap our hands, shout for joy, dance, kneel and bow down, and be undignified. The psalms don't talk too much about sitting and staring off into space. Most of the worship talked about in the bible is pro active. It involves participation. Why do we even go to church?Do we go to church to participate? Do we go to feel good about ourselves? Do we go because the pastor might call if we don't? Do we go to sing some nice songs and hear a good speaker? Do we go to watch a performance?

How much does Jesus deserve? If all he deserves is an hour of sitting in a pew and being an uninvolved "worshiper," he must not have done very much for us. His sacrifice must not have been too big of a deal if that is all we give him. If we really understood how deep his love is for us, how magnificent his perfect sacrifice was, and how much our souls need him for our very existence, we would give him our everything. Do we do that? Does Jesus have our whole lives?

Jesus deserves a bride that is madly in love with him. He is the perfect husband. He always provides in times of scarcity and comforts in times of anguish. He deserves to see his church sanctuaries filled with people focusing on him, loving on him, and glorifying him. I believe He wants to see passionate lovers. He made us as humans to be seekers of his glory, not complacent but filled with the longing to be filled with the desires of his heart. He wants us to come after him! We are so blessed to be able to meet together and honor his name, yet often we are too worried about what the person next to us would think of us if we were to ever actually do some of the things written in the psalms (shout, kneel, dance!).

We are caught up in things that keep us from being biblical. We are selfish and scared. We think that if we haven't done it before, it is wrong. I am so guilty of this. I often think that if something scares me or makes me uncomfortable, it must not be biblical. How much this must sadden his heart. He has so much in store for us, and often we are too afraid and caught up in fear to let him show us. Oh what the church would look like if we gave him our fears and abandoned our hearts to him?

A line in a song by Misty Edwards says, "all I want is You, all I crave is You." I pray everyday for a heart like this. That I would long for Jesus as my body longs for food and water to survive. I want to crave him and desire him above all other things. Is this true of the church? Are we crying out for Jesus, are we desperate for him? Doesn't he deserve that?

God called David a man after his own heart. David went after God with his whole being, and he was the one who wrote many of the psalms on worshiping. I want to be a woman after God's very heart, and I want Jesus to be pleased with how I love him. I am so scared of becoming complacent, for my Savior hates complacency and lukewarmness. Let's love him and give him what he deserves, our passion and excitement, our reverence and awe, our hearts and souls, our dreams and goals, our plans for the future, our everything.


  1. Let's be undignified. Dance in His presence. It's so hard to do but when I feel myself hand everything over completely, wow. It's like my soul is set free, even if I'm worrying about life again the next moment. That one little minute makes it worth the struggle to have another. To dance at His feet. wow.


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