i really want to take pictures of some of my thrift finds and put them up here to show off.
i had orientation at Ruby Tuesday's today. I'm not sure how it's gonna go. I'll give it a shot.
i had spinach and organic carrots for lunch today.
i can't wait for my hair to get long and look like a hippie.
i'm proud of the way my legs are starting to show the results of my morning jogs.
i'm excited to see all my best girlies this weekend.
i'm terribly sad i won't get to see my smokin hot fiance perform his kermit the frog rendition on saturday.
i have three weeks of school left, one week of kids club, and two weeks of work, then freedom! well, sort of...
i daydream about my apartment and bed canopy.

i love bed canopies. michael and i are going to have one and it will be magical. to me they are like a beautiful protection from the world. it's like a hideout, a little time warp back to childhood. they allow a beautiful escape to dreams and refreshment. i want to sleep under one forever.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that last picture, is from the Little Princess?
    So beautiful and lovely.



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