i still remember my dad told me i was a very beautiful woman a few years ago.
Jesus came to serve and serve and give and serve and love and love.
and i struggle to even admit when I'm wrong
(why do i struggle with something i realized when i was twelve?).
people's fake conversations fill this world.
the weather and the twins are doing fine, thank you. how's your soul?
divorce is not a solution to unhappiness.
a book i read last week taught me that getting drunk
and skipping church
will send your family on the fast track to being a pile. fast.
i know my sister is very unique and i'm beginning to fully appreciate her.
and yes wedding plans are going well, and yes i am in fact excited to get married.
thank you for being the one millionth person to ask me that this month.

you know the question that sometimes appears on surveys that you suspect only bored tweens actually fill out but you secretly want to...
"if you had to pick out your favorite physical characteristic of yourself, what would it be?"
i would pick my feet. and my hair.
i really like my feet, some people hate feet, but i like mine a lot.
they are averaged size so it's easy to find shoes that fit and i can often borrow other people's.
my toes are little and stubby, and i think it's cute.
i hope that doesn't sound conceited.
and i like that my hair is super


  1. I also like your hair. I really need to get my hairs cut. You are amazing, miss Danae! (soon to be mrs., ha)


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