the leaves shook like they had too much caffeine yesterday.
my body wanted to ascend off the ground to hug the trees.
to wrap my arms and legs around the branches and bury my face in the green.
to lock the view firmly into the room of my mind that does not forget.
my back was damp with dew and dirt, my legs dry from the cold wind.
i laid on a grassy knoll by a river, that was more like a mound by a dirty stream.
the road behind my hair and head faded away and it was me and trees.
they shook and shimmered, i sighed and shut my eyelids.
my skin bare and my head full of what is to come.
and what is that even....
the trees didn't know, they just kept moving.
my head didn't know, it just kept sighing.
so i told the One who knew.
and we smiled.


  1. danae, i really enjoyed reading this post. it is beautiful. and true, JESUS always knows :)

  2. thanks brooke! yes He does:)

  3. This is fantastic. You should consider becoming a poet!

  4. wow thanks ang : ) i shall have to think about it haha


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