let's go sew a quilt.

I really want to sew a quilt. A quilt that will be worn-in and faded. The quilt I wrap up in with a cup of coffee in the winter. The quilt I lay on at the park in the summer sun. A thing of beauty in the form of a blanket. I would like to create that.

I say I want to do a lot of things and sometimes don't do them. I'm going to do this one. My mother has graciously already offered to lend me her supplies, and I currently have her old sewing machine in my possession (thanks mom!). So I'm set. Now for the time....

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  1. I want to make one too. I had my mom's sewing machine here for a good year and a half, fully planning on making a quilt. I never could figure it out though. haha. I'm pathetic when it comes to machines. :) I could do it by hand, but it would take FOREVER. Probably quicker than a year and a half though. ;)


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