new home!

I am positively giddy.....
Michael and I found our apartment! Michael looked at it yesterday and I viewed it today, and we both fell in love. It is right in our price range and just the style we were hoping for! Located at 707 Broadway, it is an old house made into about 5 apartment units. There was one unit open, and what do you know, it was a one bedroom!

It has all wood floors, white painted woodwork, antique door handles, lots of windows (7 total, 1 even in the bathroom...), pretty good storage space, a built in bookcase in the living room, and it's beautiful. We will likely be able to paint it as well. It was open for May 1st, but we don't need it until June. We were able to strike a deal with the owner and are moving in at the beginning of May but only paying for 1/2 months rent, the official lease starting June 1st. Michael is going to be living there with our friend Anthony until the wedding, then i get to move in : ) I'm beyond excited to paint, set up my presents from my bridal showers these next two weekends, go thrift store shopping and bargain hunting for some 'new' furniture, and decorate.

I have seriously been excited for this since I was eleven. I will plan to post some pictures of the place in May!


  1. Can't wait to see photos! It sounds awesome!

  2. HA... not we just have to get DONE with school first! arge!

  3. Can't wait to see it! You will make homey - you have your mother's creative ability!


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