this morning i went for a run, and it was raining really hard. the sun was no where to be seen and it was pouring. i jogged and jogged (and jogged) and the huge droplets soaked me to the bone. all this sounds rather depressing, but it was fun, quite actually. something about being able to freely fun through the rain and not care about the face i was getting extremely wet and sweaty was liberating. most times when i look out the window in the morning and see it raining, i worry about getting wet and how much of a hassle it is to stay dry and how i don't want my hair to get gross....

but this morning, i embraced the rain. i secretly liked the fact that some passerby might think i was crazy for running amidst the wetness.

the rain rolled off the overhanging tree branches and planted huge drops on my head, sliding down my forehead and onto my cheeks.

it's so amazing to think that just as the sun can bring so much joy to our hearts, so can the rain. you wouldn't think that about the rain, for it looks so discouraging, but when allowed, it can liberate. when i decided to enjoy the rain, rather then run from it, i ended up loving it.

I looked up and saw my maker. He is in all that He has created and it is good. God's fingerprints are in the dark, cloudy sky. He is in the puddles and the drops of rain. He is in it all. and it is good.

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  1. I love this post, Danae. Someday, hopefully far in the future, when you experience clouds and rain in your life, come back to these thoughts and remember that God is truly in it all.

    Aunt Kathy


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