i really dislike writing thank yous. i have been notoriously bad at it throughout my life (confirmation, graduation, etc). but not anymore. i am going to triumph over the thank-you phobia that has dominated the past years. i am sitting down to write thank yous from my bridal shower parties, and it is somewhat a daunting task, we got SO many beautiful gifts. i really do feel a deep gratitude and awe at the generosity people have shown to us through their gifts and presence at my showers. so many women love us and care for us, it was beautiful to see all the support and love that we have for our (future) marriage.

i CAN'T wait to get the keys to our apartment! even though i won't really be living there for a few more months, i am so excited to paint and move all our things into it! May 1st come sooner...


  1. ive filtered and read through all of your beautiful posts. i really enjoy reading what you have been up to. and i am also very full of smiles each time i hear of your excitement for the wedding and to be married to micheal. Yay for weddings. yay for people who love you. yay for may 1st. yay for JESUS!

  2. I detest writing thank you's. I admire your gusto for writing them from your bridal showers. That is noble.
    I still have leftover thank you cards from confirmation in 8th grade! Oh well, too late to send them now.
    I've found it easiest to set aside 20-30 minutes a day to write thank you's until they are all done.


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