for some reason i haven't felt like writing. and that makes me kinda sad/worried. so i'm going to, even though i don't feel like it.

this weekend i spent almost all my time at home, my sisters britta and sophie had their dance recital on saturday, so michael and i went to that and it was wonderful. i don't mean to brag but ... they are really good. it was my parents 27th anniversary and so michael and i watched my little 3 year old brother isaac so they could go out on a date. it was fun to spend time with him (although michael did most of the watching, he's so good like that). we had him try on his adorable outfit he is wearing for our wedding, went to the DQ for some ice cream, and let him play with michael's pipe (shhh don't tell my parents).

my sister Kari had her grand march for JS Banquet (Hillcrest's version of prom), so we watched her and her date look all spiffy and took pictures to document the whole event. then we had a delicious meal on sunday afternoon for mother's day.

(( let me just say my mom is awesome. she has done so much for me. from cleaning up my throw up when i was sick, holding my hand as i crossed the street, being my teacher for all of elementary school, sending me to college, to helping me plan my wedding (like A LOT), she has done so much for me. i love you so much mom, you are one of my best friends))

the whole weekend was lovely. i am so extremely grateful for my loving family. they have taught me so much and continue to.

OH! and then we went out to John McGrath Park (wedding ceremony location) to scout it out some more. and i think we figured out where the front will be, how we will set up the chairs, some cool decorating ideas with the surrounding trees, and lots of stuff like that. it was fun.

i have my first day of training at Ruby Tuesdays tomorrow, and i'm nervous, and frankly, not very excited at all. i'm hoping that changes. starting a new job kinda sucks.  michael and i are also meeting with Pastor Brad and Tony to talk about music and the ceremony order etc. and then more studying for finals. and then move out of my apartment. and paint our new one (can't wait to show it to you guys). and PLAN. life is busy but Jesus has been so faithful through it all, and michael's patience and understanding have overwhelmed me with gratefulness that i get to marry such an amazing man.

seriously. he is so good to me. tonight we went to starbucks. i was sitting there writing thank yous and he was reading for a final. he started being goofy. dancing this ridiculous dance and playing this game while saying "pterodactyl" with his lips covering his teeth. so i tried it. we made funny faces at each other and couldn't stop laughing... one of the things i love most about michael is how much fun he is, i know he will always make me laugh (or at least make me try to suppress it while i roll my eyes). he is the joy of my heart and i am so glad he is all mine (i swear i fight off girls, or at least glare them down). *thank you michael, for being so fun, i love laughing with you.*


  1. you're welcome princess. one of the things i love most about you is that you can have fun with me:)

  2. Hey, I just found your blog today. I really like it. Following you now.


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