I'm living at home for approximately 26 days. Henceforth, I will be moving in with my husband. It's my last days at home for real. My sister Kari graduated from High School this weekend, and it caught me back to when I graduated two years ago. Most of the same people were here, most of the same questions were asked, and the most of the same food was eaten. Yet, so much has changed since then. I was living at home then, and here I am once again. Only this time I'm not getting ready for my freshman year of college away from home, I'm getting ready for a lifetime away from home. Of sorts.

I'm sitting on the same bed I slept in since I was 10. I remember the first day I walked into this room. It seemed so big and full of excitement to be had and it was all for me. It's been painted 3 times since that day, and I no longer can call it "mine." It's Britta's room, graciously given to me for the month I am home. The carpet under my feet isn't the same as it was then, but it's the same floor that I kneeled on the day I realized how much Jesus must love me to have died for me. The same closet that has held my tie dye shirts, homecoming dresses, and graduation robe, now holds my wedding dress.

I woke up to look in the same mirror I looked in for years. The reflection I see looks a little older and a little more well-dressed (if I do say so myself). But I still remember who I once saw, the girl who wanted to own a horse so bad, who hated piano lessons, who wanted real friends, who despised lunch hour, and I can remember the girl that would look in the mirror with disgust some mornings. I look in today and I don't see that anymore, I remember when I did, but it's gone. Thanks to Him who has cleansed and refined what he loves into something beautiful. And to think He isn't finished! Oh if I could be a little more like Him. If I could be rid of myself a little bit more and be formed into His likeness, how amazing.

I'm excited to be here. I'm excited to wake up and have coffee at my kitchen table, to sit in our basement and watch movies with my sisters, to take evening walks with our neighbors, and to play baseball with my little brother in our backyard.
I'm excited to be home.
It's a good place to be, for the next 26 days.

I'm even more excited to have a husband and create my new home with him, in 26 days.


  1. You have a good heart. It's good to remember the blessings that are here today...even when there is anticipation for future blessings.

  2. omg, your fiance looks JUST like Mack from It's always sunny in philidelphia. have you seen the show? You guys are too cute! Congrats!

  3. haha no I haven't seen it, but that's crazy! I think I have a pretty good lookin one : ) and thank you! I can't wait to get married.

  4. This was just so perfect Danae!

  5. is the dress you're wearing in the last picture the one you got at dbr?

  6. this is a great post. Your blog is adorable and how much better is it to be more like Him. The best. :)

  7. I love this post. I am so amazed at the memories that you have collected in just one room. I'm 41 years old and I have never lived in one room for more than 3 years my whole life. We are a military family and so my children will not have the "one room" memory-collecting experience either. Amazing! ...and precious. What a joy! Your home is a great marker that measures your growth in Christ. My biggest challenge is to establish traditions and memories that fit our transient life style. Thanks for living your life for our Savior...

    with much Jesus love...all the way from South Korea... :-)


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