I am currently in South Dakota for two cousin's high school graduations. I am sleeping the night at my grandparents with my family. They are such dear and wonderful people. I am so blessed to have such a heritage filled with love and faith.

My grandpa told me that he had a bunch of old stuff for me to look through, and so I excitedly made my way to the barn. I found a wonderful old wooden yellow chest that my dad said he remembers having in their house when he was little. I'm excited about that. I also learned that the bed frame my parents are giving Michael and I was not only theirs for numerous  years but it was also my grandma Ruth's. I love having pieces of furniture with family history woven into them.

Since we are in the middle of a dead zone for cellphone service, I don't get to talk to Michael. Sad. I miss him. It made me happy that my Aunt Mary asked where he was and told me that it's weird to see me without him now. I like it like that.

I had coffee with my lovely friend Mary this morning at a cute coffee shop only a few blocks away from my new apartment. I haven't really talked to her in years. It was so good. So good. I can't wait to spend more time with her this summer.

My handsome man is finishing up painting our apartment this weekend (which I am very grateful for), and we are hopefully going to be scouring thrift stores for a couch on Sunday. Can't wait to start moving stuff in and decorating!

sweet dreams.

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  1. hey princess,

    make sure and tell me about your get together with mary. did you go to the apartment to? also i need to buy suspenders.



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