Now what?

So through a series of rather unfortunate events...I don't have a job. So I am looking once again and I don't really know what I want to do. But I need to figure that out since money is not exactly in plenty. I know God is watching out for us and he has our future in His hands which is so comforting. The Lord of the universe is on our side. Awesome.

I have been thinking about starting an etsy shop or selling some of my stuff online...what do you guys think? I think I would really love it but I'm not sure if stuff would sell or if it would be very practical. Hmm, Michael thinks I should. So maybe I will. If anyone has any social service job connections or pretty much anything, let me know!

Our apartment is coming along, its such a disaster right now, but I am so excited for it to be finished. I absolutely love our home-to-be, and I can't wait to live there with my best friend amongst all the beautiful things that make us happy. I am also excited to show you all when it's done (most likely next month).

Have a superb day, the sun is shining and Jesus loves us.


  1. I fully support you selling your stuff, the only issue with that is there no guarantee it will sell (even though it will be awesome)... Etsy seems to be a hit and miss situation a lot of the time, but I am not an expert by any means.

  2. You might as well give it a try! You never know what the possibilities are, but you do know what will happen if you do nothing.

  3. true and true. I'm not planning on trying to make it my only source of income, but a side venture of sorts.

  4. I'd sell stuff on Etsy... but also nanny! :) I love my nannying job, and it's great in the summer, because you get to spend all day playing outside!

  5. You definitely should! Sorry to hear about losing your job. :( that is always rough. Everything will work out for the best. :)

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  6. then side venture away! i think it would be a blast.


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