SO guess what?! I won a giveaway! My new friend Cara had one on her blog, so I entered for fun, and it turns out, I won! Go here to see what lovely things she is giving me! I have had so much fun chatting a little with her, she lives across the country, but I love reading about her sweet spirit and heart that is searching after Jesus. Thanks Cara for being an awesome new friend.

This past week I had a photo shoot with my lovely friend and roommate Angela. It is a little sad, because all of my roommates are in the moving out process this week. I have spent the last few nights in our apartment alone, and I have actually enjoyed it a lot. I love having some time to just let my hair fall out, throw on the sweatshirt and just be alone. I realize I hardly ever get time just to myself. I am usually running here or there, in my apartment with roommates, spending time with Michael, in class, etc. A lot of those things are enjoyably (especially Michael, i love that), but I still hold my time alone special.

I had my first day of training! It went well, everyone was really nice, know I just need to start memorizing the menu (argh).

Here are some photos from the trip downtown :


  1. I love the photos. The last one is my favorite of the bunch.

  2. i'm so excited you won the giveaway!! wowza!

  3. i found your blog from cara's. it's cute here! i love your pictures. :)

  4. I love that little door picture. A lot.

    And I'm so glad you won!
    And thank YOU, Danae, for being such an awesome new friend and sister in Christ. :D :D

  5. Remember that little "craftita" you found who used the word "awesome" every-other sentence and had those strange "awesome" dolls for friends? I think you should post a blog using the word "lovely" every-other sentence in order to commemorate her "awesome"-ness and your "lovely"-ness.


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