So I had my last final at noon today. School is officially out for summer. What a summer it will be. The summer I get married. This is huge folks. It was only last year Michael and I started dating. March 19th 2009. My friend Hope is also getting married this summer (two weeks earlier than I) and she wrote about how her and her fiance Jesse met, which made me reminisence about Michael and I, so...

It was my senior year of High School and Michael's freshman year in college. I was doing PSEO full time at MSUM with my friend Morganne, taking college credits for free basically (I highly recommend it!). Spring semester of 2008 I took an English Comp 101 class, and conveniently so did Michael. I remember telling Morganne one day after class that I thought Michael was sooo cute. He had long hair swooped over his forehead (not his haircut now haha), dressed very well in my opinion (something important to me), and had the biggest smile and most gorgeous dimples I had ever seen (something I still adore). We had to write papers, have them read out loud, and critiqued by our classmates sometimes. I remember he wrote a paper on how way too much money is going to NASA when it should be going for things that really matter like helping human beings. I somehow got an inkling that he was a Christian, and he got the same of me. He added me on facebook and I remember we chatted about how we both really enjoyed missions. On the last day of class he asked me if I wanted to come to a Chi Alpha event, I smiled and declined, I was leaving the next year and thought it kind of pointless to spend time in what I thought would most likely be a pretty awkward situation meeting new people I would never see again (I later learned he was sad the pretty girl turned him down). We both went on our ways, and I went to Northwestern College that next year. Spring semester at Northwestern, a year after we had met, we started talking on facebook more, like A LOT. Michael will claim I asked him out, I will say I was just letting him know I wanted to hang out. I told him we should get together 'for real' to be friends instead of just talk online. Apparently that meant 'ask me out please.' I thought it would be one of those times when you say 'yeah lets hang out!' and know you never really will. I thought it was one of those times. Well Michael definitely didn't want that haha, and I was very surprised when he started talking about dates that would work to get together. I was somewhat blind about the fact that our 'hanging out' was really a date. My roommate Joanna told me otherwise. And she was right. We went to the play Les Miserables and it was a wonderful first date. He swept me off my feet and I fell head over heels. His passionate heart, wonderful family, forgiving spirit, and dashing good looks captured my heart and it was only months until we were talking about marriage.

I know that many of my friends and acquaintances think it irrational of me. Marry a boy you've only dated for 4 months? Marry before you finish school, get a job, and travel the world? That's immature. It's not so much what is said, but what is not said. I can see it their eyes. They try to look happy for me, but there isn't real excitement that comes from the heart. It doesn't make me mad, it mostly makes me sad, for I so love to share the joy and anticipation that I have for my future with Michael.

Sometimes when Michael hugs me I can't help but sigh with contentment. Jesus has blessed me far more than I could have ever imagined. I remember daydreaming about the man I wanted to marry someday. I thought to myself that all my desires were too selfish, that I couldn't have everything I wanted, I had to give up something, there wasn't ever going to be the perfect man who would love me even if I loved him. I was wrong. God saw my daydreams and found the man who fit perfectly and I am blown away daily. Thank you Lord for being so good to me.


That was really long. I completely enjoyed it. I never get tired of telling the story, and believe me, there are lots of details I skipped over.

I am off to :
work on making my headpiece for the wedding
drink a homemade skinny-ginger-vanilla-chai tea
and watch Pride and Prejudice



  1. :) I understand the short term thing. Ben and I started talking marriage probably that first month of dating. We would've been engaged as quickly as you if it weren't for financial issues and me not having met his parents yet (they're in China). I still hadn't met his parents when he proposed (after 10 months), but we couldn't wait any longer.

  2. I read the whole thing and it's so lovely to read how you guys met and how God worked in bringing you two together :)

    Congrats on the engagement!

    ... you should post that homemade skinny-ginger-vanilla-chai tea recipe someday :)

  3. congrats :) you too look so happy and cute together! my best friend got married after only dating a few months and they've been married ten years now and God couldn't have made a more perfect match then them - so I believe it can happen!

  4. oh and have you seen this website - http://lovemilkandhoney.com so cute and a great little community!

  5. YES I have seen it! It's wonderful.

  6. Cute hair! You have a cute style.

  7. Price & Prejudice! Good choice! And you shouldn't worry about what people say or don't say. You know in your heart that you have found the man God put on this earth for you. Some people are just stubborn and have these rules in their heads that you have to date for atleas ta year before marriage and blah blah blah. I see it all the time. Don't let them bring you and your finace's happiness down. I am so happy you have found the man of your dreams. Funny thing is I just found mine the beginning of this year :) I too felt the same way...being selfish for wanting all these things in a man...but I stuck by Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." Never thought I'd find the man who has everything and MORE. <333 Yay for true love.


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