Thank you Jesus for loving me. You found me a wonderful floral couch that has a green field with tulips on it. I love it.
Thank you for keeping me safe and sane today.
Thank you for Michael and all the sweet things he does to make me feel like a princess (flowers in the car).
Thank you for helping me with the wedding, its all for You anyways.
Thank you for getting me a new phone so fast when mine broke.
Thank you for always taking care of me even when I start to forget that you always will.
Thank you for friends that love the fact that I'm getting married, its fun to talk and giggle.
Thank you for the summer sun, trees, and sky. You are so beautiful. You show it so splendidly.


  1. I love this post.
    I want to do one soon.
    This is so beautiful and gorgeous and I love that our Father provides so much for us, even the teeniest tiniest little things we barely think about. I'm so excited for you to get married.

    Thank you for putting my button on your blog!

  2. I like how you mentioned "Thanks for keeping me safe today" I think we overlook how quickly our lives can we be taken away from us.

  3. Left you an award on my blog!


  4. i love this blog. you're too cute and sweet! will you post a picture of that couch? i would LOVE to see it, it sounds so cute!



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