you are my home.
i can't wait to be home in our home.
we will cook dinner.
and dance a crazy dance.
i will giggle at your antics and pretend to be annoyed.
but i really will like it.
you always make things fun.
even when they shouldn't be.

you are my home.
i can't wait to stand next to you
at the alter
at our kitchen sink.
the roof might leak.
and the bedroom be drafty.
but with you
the world runs by like
a rain drop on the
window pane.
and we will hide in our home.

you are my home.
the world and people
come and go
but after they leave
and i come home
you envelope me
and i know where i am.
i am with you.
my home.

i am with you and
you are with me.
we are home and
life is a different shade of color
now that we belong
to each other.

thanks for being my home michael. i love you more than life.


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