it's *officially* six days! i am giddy with glee and joy and happiness. yes, all three of those. i have a flurry of to-dos and to-buys and to-organizes running around my head. as well as trying to get over this icky cold that came upon me. i suppose staying up until 1am isn't helping that... i need to start packing up more of my things at home and bringing them to our apartment so i don't have such a lot of work to do later this summer, and so my sister can move back into her room that i have since taken over. a small detail that makes me excited, my nails are growing! so they might actually look nice for the big day. i also made my veil today, well the material came in the mail (its a small blusher birdcage style) and with the help of my mother and sisters, cut it to look rather smashing, in my opinion. today we finally got the programs all finished and printed, that was such a headache that seemed to last forever, but they are finished! and so my whole family (minus isaac, naturally) sat around our kitchen table and assembled them. we made them into fans, and i'm quite happy with how they turned out!

i stayed up late making gift cards for my dear friend Joanna's bachlorette party and wedding, as well as some more work on Michael's wedding present and a father's day card. I love my daddy so much. i should write a post on how much i love him. he really means to the world to me, and he has changed me so much. he is truly one of my bestest friends and i think his shoulder is probably permanently wet with all the tears i have cried into it over the years. i don't know who i'd be today if it weren't for him.

my cousin Sabrina sent me a message on facebook today, asking me if i would ever consider trying to sell some of my creations at her sale. she has a sale of wonderful antiques, art pieces, creations (not crafts haha) called Front Porch Finds at her darling home in the cities. I am rather excited about this prospect and flattered she asked me. Oh! and I am getting a sewing machine of my very own...so happy!

please be praying for Michael and I as we get closer and closer to the big day! as well as for the weather...hoping for no thunderstorms like the forecast says...but what do they know, Gods in control, right? right.

we will close the door
and smile while the world wonders
and all our friends ask
the wind howls under the frame
but we will keep it locked
the key branded around our necks
and forever kept near our hearts
a picture frame of that chapter
in our favorite book
love that was for us
now is for each other
and it tells us to close the door
so we will
and smile while the world wonders.

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