So I have been a busy little homemaker, sewing and making stuff. Not so much the cooking, not a huge fan of that (don't worry, i'll work on it haha).

Here's a taste of some of the things I've been doing, not to mention wedding stuff! There is tons to make and clean and organize and people to call but it's all fun (mostly) and my mom and sisters are helping a lot, so I'm blessed. Isaac decided to jump in the photos, and he is the cutest brother ever (for those who don't know, he's 3, half Puerto Rican, half African American, adopted, and adorable).

The headband I wrote about a while back.

A once plain tank top, made prettier and lacy-er.

A graduation present I made for my sister Kari, a laptop case for her soon to be new MacBook.

A dress, that is hard to see here, but I love the fabric and I'm excited to wear it to my friends Hope and Jesse's wedding this weekend. $5 from a thrift store.

I love my little brother.


  1. He is going to be quite the heart breaker when he gets older.


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