on alcohol.

If you get drunk and call yourself a Christian, I don't think that's right. I don't hate you or look down on you, but it's not right. It's being hypocritical. The bible says it is a sin to be drunk. So if you believe in the bible, then don't get drunk. If you care about your friend's opinions more than Jesus' that is not cool. He saved you for goodness sake, he deserves your love, right? Friends are great, but they haven't done anything near what Jesus has done and can do for you. So let him have your #1 spot. I think it comes down to that. Who has your #1 spot? If Jesus does, you want to live according to His words (the Bible). He gives commands because he loves us, not to force us to live boring lives, but amazing ones. His Word says His commands are radiant, they bring light to the eyes (Psalm 19). He wants to light up your eyes, and the depths of your heart. He knows filling yourself to the point of drunkenness with alcohol does not bring light to your eyes, but He can! Won't you let him?

As for having 'just a little bit,' sure the bible doesn't say it's wrong, and your right, it's not. The bible does say to obey the law and respect authorities. That means not drinking, even a little bit, until you are 21. I failed at this for sure. I have had alcohol, in moderation, and I'm not 21. I have since been convicted and realized that it doesn't matter if I feel that I should be able to, or if I think it's not a big deal. What matters is that God says to obey the law, period. If He commands it, and we say we love Him, we do it. No ifs or rationalizations. We just do it knowing He knows our best. Maybe that means passing up something that seems like it could be fun, or losing some friends. That's hard stuff. Good thing He knows what its like. He doesn't ask us to do things He doesn't understand. He's been through it all. He lost all His friends, and He was left alone. So He knows. He calls us to lives of holiness, not mediocrity. If we claim the name of Christ as our Savior, what kind of representation do we give people? Do they notice anything different about the way we treat alcohol (or swearing, or drugs, or honesty, or sex)? Or do we indulge just like them. Why would they think there was anything special about Jesus if there is nothing special about the way we live our lives? Lets live lives that show how special Jesus is to us. If we care about what He says in His Word, and we care enough to actually do what it says, how many lives could be changed!

Here's to living holy and set-apart lives.


  1. I normally enjoy your blog, but something about this post rubs me the wrong way. Don't get me wrong you're a wonderful writer and a wonderful person but a few of these points are awfully closed minded.

    Getting drunk for example, in my opinion, is not a sin, even if the bible says it is. Now being an alcoholic may be an exception, but casually drinking with friends, or family members, in a non destructive/self-destructive way is not something that goes against your Christianity. This is just my opinion on this matter as there are many definitions of drunk.

    I won't argue with the not drinking until you're of legal age to do so, I agree with the law even after breaking it many times as a minor. I just feel that it is a bit extreme to say that getting drunk goes against your Christianity. If you're safe, smart, and aware of your own limitations when it comes to alcohol then there is nothing non christian about it.

  2. Well thanks for your opinion, I knew I'd lose followers with this post. I'd encourage you to read the bible for yourself to see what it says about drunkenness. Being a Christian means you believe the whole Bible, even the parts that might seem "close minded."

  3. Thanks Danae! I appreciate your stance and your conviction. Your posts always encourage me. Keep 'em coming!


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