So I'm not sure why I am blogging right now, since I have a whole list of stuff to do before Melanie and Joanna get here this afternoon! I am so excited to see them. BUT I am more than excited to get married in TWO days. Yes, TWO. I can't believe it's finally here! It's felt like I've waited forever...

I need to clean, make some cards, finish Michael's present, run some errands, get my nails done with some of my bridesmaids, have another test of my hair do, and learn how to bustle my dress. Aren't weddings fun? My nerves have gone up in the last two days as The Day gets closer. I just want everything to be beautiful like I've pictured it for so many months. Like my dad keeps reminding me, no matter what happens, the day will be a success because you will still get married! I am so excited to see all my friends and family gathered together in one spot, it's going to be such a blessing.

I am almost a Moran (exciting), and almost no longer an Iverson (sad). I only get to sign my name as it is for 2 more days, which I am so happy for and in the same moment so sad for. Change is so good but in the same moment it's so hard sometimes.

God is good. He has always proven to be faithful to me, and he is proving that through the wedding as well. I want to know Him more today than I did yesterday, and I want to bring glory to Him more than anything through my wedding.

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